(ICAD) Quality Index of Diabetes Care in Mexico

ICAD Mexico | Quality Index for Diabetes Care in Mexico

The Quality Index of Diabetes Care in Mexico (ICAD México) seeks to contribute to improving the quality of care of people living with diabetes, that are cared for in the units of the first level of care, through three main axes:

  • To establish a ranking of the performance of the health units that treat diabetic patients in Mexico according to the type of segment to which they belong (rural or urban).
  • Indicate the actions to be taken to improve the quality of care of the diabetic patient, through a robust interactive platform.
  • To know the evolution of the quality of care of the diabetic patient, identifying the strengths and opportunity areas in the operation.

The Quality Index for the Diabetic Patient Care in Mexico (ICAD México) is composed of three components: patient retention, effective consultation and impact on health. The first component reflects whether the patient with diabetes regularly visits the health center. The effective consultation component reflects the quality of care at each patient's medical visit. Finally, the health impact expresses whether the patient's diabetes is controlled or not. Each component consists of a set of variables *.The results of each component are presented on a scale from 0 to 100 with the following weights:

1. Diabetic Patient Retention (PR) 20 points
2. Effective Consultation (EC) 50 points
3. Impact on Health (HI) 30 points
100 points

The results of each component and ICAD are presented on a scale from 0 to 100 and in a graphical expression from zero to five stars:


These results can be consulted at the health unit level,jurisdiction, entity and at the national level.

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* The selection of indicators taken into account for the construction of ICAD Mexico was carried out based on the recommendations of the following report, ''Selecting Indicators for the Quality of Diabetes Care in the Health Systems in OECD Countries'' by Sheldon Greenfield, Antonio Nicolucci and Soeren Mattke.