Integrated Quality of Care System (SIC)

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694,367 patients treated in health care units.
252,967(36.4%)  of all patients visited the clinic within the last 60 days.
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% Patients with BMI measurement

Of all patients with Obesity, 554,655 (79.9%)  actually have a measurement record of BMI in the last 12 months
% Patients with controlled BMI

Of all patients with a record of BMI:
90,770 ( 16.4% )  with controlled BMI
464,597 ( 83.8% ) with non-controlled BMI

Characteristics of people living with Obesity

There is a total of 694,366   people living with obesity, of which 535,568(77.1%)  are women, and 158,798(22.9%)  are men.

Age group and gender
Women Men
Years in treatment and gender
Women Men
Comorbidity and gender

ND = No data; DM2 = Diabetes Mellitus; HBP = Hypertension; OBE = Obesity; DLP = Dyslipidemia; MS = Metabolic syndrome

Quality of Care


Patients with basic measurements during the last visit (%)

Control of Disease

554,654 (79.9%)  patients had BMI measurements during their last visit in last 12 months, of those 90,058 (16.2%)  have controlled BMI, and 464,596 (83.8%)  have non-controlled BMI

By gender
Women OBE Men
By comorbidity
By years in treatment