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Arterial Hypertension

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Characteristics of people living with Arterial Hypertension (HBP)

N = 1,183,685 (Date of update – Jun 23 2019 11:39PM)

Distribution by age group and gender

Of all people living with HBP:
855,035 (72.2%) are women
328,650 (27.8%) are men
Distribution by comorbidity

Of all people living with HBP:
360,405 (30.4%) only have HBP 67,874 (5.7%) have dyslipidemia
208,861 (17.6%) have diabetes mellitus 398,865 (33.7%) have MS
147,681 (12.5%) have obesity  

Quality of care granted

% with at least one visit to the doctor's office
[within the last 60 days]
% with BP measurement
[in the last visit]

Control of disease

% patients with at least one measurement of BP

of patients with HBP have at least one measurement of BP in the SIC
Distribution of patients by BP result

Of all patients with BP result:
66.9% with BP < 140/90
36.0% with BP > 140/90

Treatment prescribed to patients with HBP

Since more than one medication may be prescribed to individual patients, the sum of medications may be greater than 100.
Of all people with HBP with prescription in their last visit ( 2,072,818):
36.1% are prescribed ACE-inhibitors
25.7% are prescribed essential Antihypertensives
49.8% are prescribed ARA II
29.2% are prescribed Diuretics
0.0% are prescribed ARA II + Diuretics
28.2% are prescribed Preventives